Automachine Anywhere(RPA AA) Training in BTM Layout - Bangalore

Best RPA Automaion Anywhere Training in Bangalore

Automachine Anywhere(RPA AA) Training in BTM Layout - Bangalore

TecMax is one of the leading RPA AA Training Institute in Bangalore. Certified experts at TecMax are real-time consultants at multinational companies and have more than 5+ years of experience in RPA AA  Training. Our Trainers have conducted more than 200 classes and have extensive experience in teaching Amazon Web Services in most simple manner for the benefit of sudents.

We have advanced lab facilities for students to practice RPA AA  course and get hands-on experience in every topics that are covered under Amazon Web Services Training. In the presence of RPA AA  Trainer, students can execute all the techniques that has been explained by the instructor. Course Material for RPA AA   is specifically designed to cover all the advanced topics and each of the module will have both theory and practical classes. RPA AA   Batch Timings at TecMax are flexible and students can choose to join the batch as per their requirements. We have a batch starting every week for RPA AA   for regular students. Weekend batches and fast track batches for RPA AA   training can be arranged based on the requirement. 

All our students will get placement assistance in RPA AA   after successfully completing the RPA AA   training from our institute. We are committed to provide high-quality training and provide assistance to get you the right job.


Automachine Anywhere(RPA AA) Training Course Content


v  What is RPA?


v  Automation Anywhere overview


v  Automation Anywhere Control Room

ü  Control Room

ü  Development Client

ü  Runtime Client


v  Automation Anywhere Architecture


v  AA – User Interface


v  Login Process


v  Schedules and Triggers


v  Folder  Structure

ü  Bots

ü  Files


v  Task Bots

ü  Recording Task

ü  Creating Task


v  Overview on Task Editor

ü  Features of Task Editor

ü  Different sections in Automation Anywhere


v  Recorder Overview

ü  Standard Recorder

ü  Object Recorder

ü  Web Recorder

ü  Recorder Hierarchy


v  Variables

ü  Local Variables

ü  Special Variables


v  Naming Conventions


v  Commands Overview

ü  Keystrokes Or Mouse

1.       Insert Keystrokes

2.       Insert Mouse click

3.       Insert Mouse Move

4.       Insert Mouse scroll


ü  Programs / Files / Windows

1.       Open program / File

2.       Files / Folders

3.       Window Actions

4.       Log To File

5.       Manage Windows Controls

6.       Object Cloning

7.       System


ü  Conditions / Loops

1.       If

2.       Loop


ü  Pause / Delays / Wait


ü  Internet

1.       Web Recorder

2.       Launch website

3.       Send Email

4.       Internet Connection

5.       SOAP Web Service

6.       REST Web Service


ü  Tasks / Scripts

1.       Run Task

2.       Stop Task




ü  Applications

1.       Read from CSV / Text

2.       Excel

3.       Database

4.       XML

5.       Prompt

6.       Message Box

7.       Clipboard

8.       Comment

9.       Variable Operation

10.   String Operation


ü  Advanced

1.       Error Handling

2.       Image Recognition

3.       Screen Capture


ü  Integration

1.       Applications Integration

2.       OCR

3.       Email Automation

4.       Terminal Emulator

5.       PDF Integration

6.       Citrix Automation


ü  Security

1.       PGP


v  Exception Handling


v  Command Portability

v  Automation Friendly Formats

v  Automation Anywhere Enterprise Data Security Features

v  Automation Anywhere Reusable Components

v  Logging

ü  INFO Log

ü  Debug Log

1.       Calling Tasks from different Tasks

2.       Bots

3.       Variable mapping between Bots



v  How to use Following points in Automation Anywhere

ü  Excel Macros

ü  VB Script


v  Automation Anywhere New Features

ü  IQ Bot

ü  Meta Bot

ü  Web Control Room


v  Real time Examples from Projects

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