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Data Science Training in Bangalore


TecMax is one of the leading Data Science Training Institute in Bangalore. Certified experts at TecMax are real-time consultants at multinational companies and have more than 5+ years of experience in Data Science Training. Our Trainers have conducted more than 200 classes and have extensive experience in teaching Data Science in most simple manner for the benefit of sudents.

We have advanced lab facilities for students to practice Data Science course and get hands-on experience in every topics that are covered under Data Science Training. In the presence of Data Science Trainer, students can execute all the techniques that has been explained by the instructor. Course Material for Data Science is specifically designed to cover all the advanced topics and each of the module will have both theory and practical classes. Data Science Batch Timings at TecMax are flexible and students can choose to join the batch as per their requirements. We have a batch starting every week for Data Science for regular students. Weekend batches and fast track batches for Data Science training can be arranged based on the requirement.

All our students will get placement assistance in Data Science after successfully completing the Data Science training from our institute. We are committed to provide high-quality training and provide assistance to get you the right job.

Data Science Course Content

Statistical Analysis:

vUnivariate Analysis

vMeasure of Central Tendency

vMean( Arithmetic, Geometrical, Harmonic)


vMode( Categorical)


v1st, 2nd, 3rd, nth-Quartile

 vMeasures Of Dispersion




vStandard Deviation


v  Frequency Distributions

Normal Distribution ( Symmetric)

Asymmetric Distribution



vProbability Distributions

vSampling Techniques

vEstimate Sampling Errors

vDegrees of Freedom

vConfidence Intervals


 Multivariate Analysis:                                      

vCorrelation Analysis


vRegression Analysis

vLinear Regression (Simple/Multi)

vNon- Linear Regression

vLogistic Regression

vLasso Models

vHypothesis Testing Models

vInferential Test Metrics




vChi-square test

vstudent test

Data Mining:

vAll above +

vData Clustering/ Categorizations


vKNN( K Nearest Neighbour)


vDecisions Science(Operational Research)

vDecision Tree

vRandom Forest


Time Series Analysis(Time Line Estimation)

Season Identification

Trend Analysis

Bend Moment Analysis

Different Basket Analysis(Ex- Recommending)


ARM(Association Role Management):

vApriori  Algoritham

vFP Growth

Machine Learning:

vAll Stat + Mining

vSupervised Learning

vUnsupervised Learning

vData Sets used in ML

vTrain Set

vValidation Set

vTest Set

vGradient Desent Algorithm

vDeployment of Modelfit in to Production

vTesting Accuracy ( Performance ) of Production Modelfits

vRebuilding Models

vModel Selection

Neural Networks:

vStar + Mining + ML

vPower of Brain

vWhere Brain Bad

vNeuron Architecture

vHow Different Neurons Will Communicate

vStochastic Models

vDeveloping Learning Systems Using Human Brain Models

vFeature Extractions( Feature Engineering)

vRecent Data Buffering

vInfluenced Data Buffering

vForward / Backward Propagation Algorithms

Deep Learning:

vIntegrated Best Features of Both Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Text Mining:

vSentiment Analysis

vUser Behavioural Analysis

vGraph Data Processing

vTopic Categorization

vCustomer Review Analysis

vIdentifying User Expectations and Preferences

vTopic Ranking

Recommender Engineers:

vCollaborative Filtering



vImportance of Big Data for Data Science

vData Streaming for live Systems ( Ex-Flume/ Kufka)

vLive Analytics ( Real time-Analytics) (Ex: STORM)

vMicro Batch Process( Ex: Spark Streaming)

vBatch Process(Ex: Hadoop)

We Also Provide Data Science Training in Marathahalli

Data Science Interview Questions

1.What is data science in simple words?

Answer : Data science is the study of data. It involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data to effectively extract useful information. The goal of data science is to gain insights and knowledge from any type of data — both structured and unstructured.

2.Why is data science used?

Answer : Data science uses techniques such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract meaningful information and to predict future patterns and behaviors. The field of data science is growing as technology advances and big data collection and analysis techniques become more sophisticated

3.What is selection Bias ? 

Answer : Selection bias occurs when sample obtained is not representative of the population intended to be analysed.

4.What are the different kernels functions in SVM ? 

Answer : There are four types of kernels in SVM.

  • Linear Kernel
  • Polynomial kernel
  • Radial basis kernel
  • Sigmoid kernel

5. What is pruning in Decision Tree ?

Answer : When we remove sub-nodes of a decision node, this process is called pruning or opposite process of splitting.

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    by Subham singh on Tecmax

    I Joined here for python was really good took python with data science.Best place to join here for live projects oriented training in python with data science.They reffered me for placements also thanks alot for your support guys

    by Pooja Surekha on Tecmax

    I would like to recommend any one who wants to become a Data Scientist just one place, Systems Domain.... Explanations are clean, clear, easy to understand.

    by GNANU KING on Tecmax

    Best python and datascience training institute in bangalore experienced trainers and management is very helpful for placements

    by Rajesh Sharma on Tecmax

    As a experienced person I joined and datascience training here.great knowledge for trainer and his teaching is really awesome.very cool management

    by Sameer K on Tecmax

    Felt very good institute for data science and python very good environment and good labs facility trainer is offering practical assignments and interview questions better to join for data science in tecmax...👍👍👍👍👍