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Best Oracle GoldenGate Training in Bangalore


TecMax is one of the leading Oracle GoldenGate Training Institute in Bangalore. Certified experts at TecMax are real-time consultants at multinational companies and have more than 5+ years of experience in Oracle GoldenGate Training. Our Trainers have conducted more than 200 classes and have extensive experience in teaching Oracle GoldenGate in most simple manner for the benefit of sudents.

We have advanced lab facilities for students to practice Oracle GoldenGate course and get hands-on experience in every topics that are covered under Oracle GoldenGate Training. In the presence of Oracle GoldenGate Trainer, students can execute all the techniques that has been explained by the instructor. Course Material for Oracle GoldenGate is specifically designed to cover all the advanced topics and each of the module will have both theory and practical classes. Oracle GoldenGate Batch Timings at TecMax are flexible and students can choose to join the batch as per their requirements. We have a batch starting every week for Oracle GoldenGate for regular students. Weekend batches and fast track batches for Oracle GoldenGate training can be arranged based on the requirement.

All our students will get placement assistance in Oracle GoldenGate after successfully completing the Oracle GoldenGate training from our institute. We are committed to provide high-quality training and provide assistance to get you the right job.

Oracle GoldenGate Course Content

Oracle GoldenGate training course content and Syllabus

Chapter 1

  • Introduction to Oracle GoldenGate
  • Oracle GoldenGate supported processing methods and databases
  • Overview of the Oracle GoldenGate architecture
  • Overview of process types
  • Overview of groups
  • Overview of the Commit Sequence Number (CSN)

Chapter 2

  • Installing Oracle GoldenGate
  • Downloading Oracle GoldenGate
  • Specifying Oracle variables on UNIX and Linux systems
  • Specifying Oracle variables on Windows systems
  • Setting library paths for dynamic builds on UNIX
  • Preparing to install Oracle GoldenGate within a cluster
  • Installing as the Oracle user
  • Supported Oracle cluster storage
  • Deciding where to install Oracle GoldenGate binaries and files in the cluster
  • Installing Oracle GoldenGate on Linux and UNIX
  • Installing Oracle GoldenGate on Windows
  • Installing Oracle GoldenGate into a Windows Cluster
  • Installing the Oracle GoldenGate files
  • Specifying a custom Manager name
  • Installing Manager as a Windows service
  • Integrating Oracle GoldenGate into a cluster
  • General requirements in a cluster
  • Adding Oracle GoldenGate as a Windows cluster resource
  • Installing support for Oracle sequences

Chapter 3

  • Configuring Manager and Network Communications
  • Overview of the Manager process
  • Assigning Manager a port for local communication
  • Maintaining ports for remote connections through firewalls
  • Choosing an internet protocol
  • Recommended Manager parameters
  • Creating the Manager parameter file
  • Starting Manager
  • Stopping Manager

Chapter 4

  • Getting started with the Oracle GoldenGate process interfaces
  • Using the GGSCI command line interface
  • Using UNIX batch and shell scripts
  • Using Oracle GoldenGate parameter files
  • Supported characters in object names
  • Specifying object names in Oracle GoldenGate input

Chapter 5

  • Using Oracle GoldenGate for live reporting
  • Overview of the reporting configuration
  • Considerations when choosing a reporting configuration
  • Creating a standard reporting configuration
  • Creating a reporting configuration with a data pump on the source system
  • Creating a reporting configuration with a data pump on an intermediary system
  • Creating a cascading reporting configuration

Chapter 6

  • Using Oracle GoldenGate for realtime data distribution
  • Overview of the datadistribution configuration
  • Considerations for a datadistribution configuration
  • Creating a data distribution configuration

Chapter 7

  • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for realtime data warehousing
  • Overview of the datawarehousing configuration
  • Considerations for a data warehousing configuration
  • Creating a data warehousing configuration

Chapter 8

  • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate for activeactive high availability
  • Overview of an activeactive configuration
  • Considerations for an activeactive configuration
  • Preventing data looping
  • Creating an activeactive configuration
  • Managing conflicts
  • Handling conflicts with the Oracle GoldenGate CDR feature
  • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate CDR
  • CDR example : All conflict types with USEMAX, OVERWRITE, DISCARD

Chapter 9

  • Mapping and manipulating data
  • Limitations of support
  • Parameters that control mapping and data integration
  • Mapping between dissimilar databases
  • Deciding where data mapping and conversion will take place
  • Globalization considerations when mapping data
  • Mapping columns
  • Selecting rows
  • Retrieving before values
  • Selecting columns
  • Selecting and converting SQL operations
  • Using transaction history
  • Testing and transforming data
  • Using tokens

Chapter 10

  • Handling Oracle GoldenGate processing errors
  • Overview of Oracle GoldenGate error handling
  • Handling Extract errors
  • Handling Replicat errors during DML operations
  • Handling Replicat errors during DDL operations
  • Handling TCP/IP errors
  • Maintaining updated error messages
  • Resolving Oracle GoldenGate errors

Chapter 11

  • Associating replicated data with metadata
  • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate to assume identical metadata
  • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate to assume dissimilar metadata
  • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate to use a combination of similar and dissimilar definitions
  • Chapter12
  • Configuring online change synchronization
  • Overview of online change synchronization
  • Configuring change synchronization to satisfy a specific topology
  • Naming conventions for groups


  • Creating a Perl/Tk Application
  • GUI Programming Overview
  • Adding Widgets
  • Scrolled Widgets
  • Configuring Widgets
  • Menus
  • More Fun with Menus
  • Using FileSelect


Perl/Tk Programming

  • Tk::Error and Tk::ErrorDialog
  • Configuring Widgets
  • Geometry Management
  • Geometry Management with grid()
  • The Frame Widget
  • Defining Widget Callbacks
  • Bindings
  • Nonblocking I/O with fileevent()
  • Tags
  • Other Widgets
  • Other Tk Commands
  • Getting Tk
  • Extending Perl with C/C++
  • Extending the Perl Interpreter
  • Overview of Perl5 XSUBs
  • Get Started with h2xs
  • Set up the Perl Wrapper Class
  • Write the XS Code
  • The XS File
  • Write Some Test Code
  • What Do You Want?
  • Returning Values on the Stack
  • A Walk Through an XSUB
  • Arguments to XSUBs
  • Other h2xs Options
  • Embedding the Perl Interpreter
  • Why Embed Perl?
  • Embedding Perl in a C Program
  • Compiling the Prog



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    by Harish on Tecmax

    for oracle Golden Gate course . this is the best institution .the faculty is also good ,the trainers are professional

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    Best oracle goldenGate training institute in bangalore. my trainer helped me in learning my course in friendly manner

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    i have learned oracle goldengate in Tecmax.i was very much thankful to trainers who trained me well.they cleared me doubghts which i have got in course.

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    i am done with oracle golden gate course from there .i have seen the previous reviews of Tecmax and reviews are good so i join here .the faculty here are very good very friendly and always pushing u to practice well.

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    very nice institute for oracle golden gate Staff and trainers are very helpful. We also get free counselling and demo class. Placement is provided by the after completing the course.