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Python Training in Bangalore


TecMax is one of the leading Python Training Institute in Bangalore. Certified experts at TecMax are real-time consultants at multinational companies and have more than 5+ years of experience in Python Training. Our Trainers have conducted more than 200 classes and have extensive experience in teaching Python in the most simple manner for the benefit of students.

We have advanced lab facilities for students to practice Python course and get hands-on experience in every topic that is covered under Python Training. In the presence of Python Trainer, students can execute all the techniques that have been explained by the instructor. Course Material for Python is specifically designed to cover all the advanced topics and each of the modules will have both theory and practical classes. Python Batch Timings at TecMax are flexible and students can choose to join the batch as per their requirements. We have a batch starting every week for Python for regular students. Weekend batches and fast track batches for Python training can be arranged based on the requirement.

All our students will get placement assistance in Python after successfully completing the Python training from our institute. We are committed to provide high-quality training and provide assistance to get you the right job.

Course Content

  1. Introduction

        1.1 Introduction

        1.2 Why python?

        1.3 Installing Python and versions

        1.4 Interactive mode, creating and running programs

        1.5 Blocks, Indentation, lines and commenting

  1. Input/output and assignment

        2.1 Printing

        2.2 Input strings and numbers

        2.3 Variable declaration and assignment

        2.4 Operators

        2.5 Expression and  Code evaluation

        2.6 Error messages

  1. Flow Control Loops and decision making

        3.1 While loop

        3.2 For loop

        3.3 if, else, elif

        3.4 exit, break

  1. Built in Data-Types

        4.1 Strings and characters

        4.2 Lists

        4.3 Tuples

        4.4 Dictionaries

        4.5 Files


  1. Functions

        5.1 Function declaration

        5.2 Basic function

        5.3 Pass by value

  1. Error Handling

        6.1 Except

        6.2 Try, Except and raise exceptions

  1. Basic Classes and instances

        7.1 Defining a class, basic class

        7.2 Instance

        7.3 Class Data

        7.4 Properties

  1. Debugging

        8.1 Debugging

                                                                       Advanced Python

  1. Classes and Objects detailed

        9.1  Classes detailed

        9.2 Constructors

        9.3 Generators

        9.4 Iterators

        9.5 Decorators

  1. Regular Expressions

        10.1 Defining regular expressions

        10.2 Compiling regular expressions

        10.3 Using regular expressions

        10.4 Match and find

        10.5 Examples

  1. Networking, DB and CGI

        11.1 Networking, telnet and ssh

        11.2 Database connection

        11.3 Basic graphics

  1. Parsing

        12.1 Special purpose parsers

        12.2 Writing a recursive descent parser by hand

        12.3 Parsing comma delimited lines

        12.4 Parsing functors

        12.5 Parsing names, phone numbers, etc

        12.6 XML parsing

  1. Multithreading

        13.1 Multithreading and examples

  1. Logging and debugging again

        14.1 Logging and debugging examples

python interview questions


1.What is the main use of Python ?

Answer: Python is a general purpose and high level programming language. You can use Python for developing desktop GUI applications, websites and web applications.

2. What exactly is Python ?
Answer:  Python is a full-fledged all-round language. It’s an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, extensible programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than would be possible in languages such as C++ or Java.

3. How To Find Bugs Or Perform Static Analysis In A Python Application?
* You can use PyChecker, which is a static analyzer. It identifies the bugs in Python project and also reveals the style and complexity related     bugs.
* Another tool is Pylint, which checks whether the Python module satisfies the coding standard

4. When Is The Python Decorator Used?
Answer:  Python decorator is a relative change that you do in Python syntax to adjust the functions quickly.

5. Is There A Switch Or Case Statement In Python? If Not Then What Is The Reason For The Same?
Answer: No, Python does not have a Switch statement, but you can write a Switch function and then use it.


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    by Cinderalla ka on Tecmax

    best place to learn python.i took training in tecmax for python & machine learning really good for working professionals

    by Subham singh on Tecmax

    I Joined here for python was really good took python with data science.Best place to join here for live projects oriented training in python with data science.They reffered me for placements also thanks alot for your support guys

    by Pranathi Bhardhwaj on Tecmax

    Excellent Training for Python Thank you akshaya madam for handling so good with real time concept lucky to join tecmax initially i thought it was not worth but once u gave realtime projects and made me to get hands on experience i was so lucky thank u akshaya madam. i really enjoyed my learning here & definetly appreciate any who can as well

    by Lakshmi B on Tecmax

    Took python training in tecmax way of teaching is good as i am fresher the trainer taught me from complete basics. Best place to take training in bangalore. she given live projects as well that helped me alot for interviews.Thank u tecmax for your Support

    by Deepika Sunder on Tecmax

    done with python training here.Good place to take training and management was very responsible. Best place to join for 100% Placements

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